Canon EOS M50 Classic Style Battery Grip

This is our upgraded version of a battery grip for Canon M50 mirrorless camera.
We did make the grip from the ground up.
New design, no sharp edges, more ergonomic grip, smaller, more classical design.

The grip is now toolless, and allowing non restricted access to the SD card slot and the battery.
As in all our grips the dummy battery and battery tray are included.

Classic style grip

In this model of a battery grip for Canon M50 we took a more traditional approach. With classical design, ergonomic feel and smaller dimensions.

Toolless design

We managed to incorporate a toolless mount to our battery grip. With the classic style battery grip there are no tools needed when attaching to your M50 camera.

Extended battery life

All of our battery grips use 18650 cells, which give massive amounts of power for your camera. In case of Canon M50 we can talk about 4 to 12 times increase in battery life versus original battery.

Order / Payment options

We ship our grips worldwide.
We try to ship all orders within 2-3 days after payment.
All payments are realised by PayPal.

We provide our customers with tracking number updated on the PayPal odrer website.
The delivery time depends on the destination country and varies between 3 to 21 days
(6 to 13 days for U.S.A. and Canada, 3 to 6 days for Europe).

Price: 90 USD (including worldwide shipping)

Main features of Canon M50 Classic Battery Grip

The grip was built from ground up based on our customers suggestions.
There are no sharp edges, everything is fitted exactly to the camera, with no large gaps. The right side of the grip was redesigned for better finger placement.

Canon EOS M50 Classic Battery Grip incorporates compact design and quality materials
with the ability to extend the EOS M50 battery life significantly compared to the standard battery.
We used the best materials available, manufactured on the market leading 3d printers our grips have the highest quality possible.

Canon EOS M50 Classic Battery Grip product videos

Canon EOS M50 Classic Battery Grip product video

Canon M50 Classic Battery Grip Specification

Model Canon EOS M50 Classic Battery Grip
Battery Type 2x 18650 type cells (not included)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 59 x 106 mm / 4.72 x 2.32 x 4.17 in
(Including Dummy Adapter and Battery Tray)
149 g / 5.25 oz
Tripod Mounting Thread Metal 1/4"-20
Materials Used Highest Quality ABS Plastic
Included Accesories Dummy Battery Adapter, Battery Tray