Canon EOS M50 Double Sided Grip

Simple and effective double sided extension grip for Canon M50 mirrorless camera.
Upgrade the handling of your M50 camera on both sides.
The double sided extension grip is extremely handy when handling the camera, especially with large lenses.

As our full line of grips the extension grip is also toolless, and allows non restricted access to the SD card slot and the battery without removing any parts. Additionally the double sided grip for M50 has an extension on the left part of the grip allowing for two handed use / stabilization.
The second left grip part also doubles as a guard for mic input and prevents very often breaks of the microphone jack in the slot.

double sided style grip

The double sided grip for Canon M50 is a simple extension tool to improve the quality of work with M50 camera.

Toolless design

We managed to incorporate a toolless mount to our double sided grip. With the double sided grip there are no tools needed when attaching to your M50 camera.

non restricted access

All of our double sided grips allow free access to all functions of the camera. There's no need to remove the grip in order to change the battery or remove the sd card.

Order / Payment options

We ship our grips worldwide.
We try to ship all orders within 2-3 days after payment.
All payments are realised by PayPal.

We provide our customers with tracking number updated on the PayPal odrer website.
The delivery time depends on the destination country and varies between 3 to 21 days
(6 to 13 days for U.S.A. and Canada, 3 to 6 days for Europe).

Price: 45 USD (including worldwide shipping)

Main features of Canon M50 Double Sided Grip

The idea behind the double sided grip for Canon M50 came from users who complained about the small grip of M50 camera and wanted a little more grip on both sides.
We managed to add more functionality to the camera. The handling of the camera is greatly improved thanks to our double sided grip.

Canon EOS M50 Double Sided Grip is lightweight but strong giving an extra feeling of security when operating the camera with both hands.
As always, made out of top class materials, using the best machines our grips represent the highest quality possible.

Canon EOS M50 Double Sided Grip product videos

Canon EOS M50 Extension Grip product video

Canon M50 Double Sided Grip Specification

Model Canon EOS M50 Double Sided Grip
Dimensions (L x W x H) 137,8 x 54 x 73,5 mm / 5.42 x 2.12 x 2.9 in
Tripod Mounting Thread Metal 1/4"-20
Materials Used Highest Quality ABS Plastic

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