About our company

Custom Camera Grips are a part of Studio Produkcji company. A company founded by Milosz Przepadlo located in Poland.
Our company specializes in providing high quality 3d design, 3d print to our customers all over the world.

Custom Camera Grips project is a follow up to a very popular Canon EOS M50 Battery Grip design,
which due to high demand grew to a whole catalogue of grips to many Canon cameras.

We designed, manufactured, tested and sell grips that provide better functionality to whole line of mirror less cameras.
The main goal which has been successfully achieved was the increase in usability by extending the battery life of the cameras that we use.

You can talk directly with us and find more about our products and distribution on:
Canon EOS M50 Grips Facebook
Canon EOS RP Grips Facebook

Company details

Company name: Studio Produkcji Miłosz Przepadło
Address: Al. Jana Pawła II 25A pok. 810
37-450 Stalowa Wola, podkarpackie, Poland
TAX number: PL8652430771
e-mail: biuro [@] studioprodukcji.com
phone: +48 795 111 848